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Days Gone, developed by Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, made its debut on PlayStation 4 in 2019 and later arrived on PC in May 2021. This open-world action-adventure game has captured the imaginations of gamers with its gripping narrative, stunning visuals, and challenging gameplay set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies known as Freakers.


Days Gone was developed by Bend Studio, known for their work on the Syphon Filter series and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. The game was first announced at E3 2016 and quickly gained attention for its dynamic open-world and horde-based combat. Initially released on PlayStation 4, the game was later ported to PC, bringing enhanced graphics and performance to a broader audience.

Upon its release, Days Gone received mixed reviews from critics but was praised by many players for its immersive world and emotional story. The PC version, in particular, garnered appreciation for its improved visuals, performance, and modding support, enhancing the overall experience.



Open World Exploration

Days Gone is set in a post-apocalyptic Oregon, offering a vast open world filled with dangers and opportunities. Players control Deacon St. John, a former outlaw-turned-drifter and bounty hunter, as he navigates this harsh landscape.

Dynamic World

The game features a dynamic weather system and a day-night cycle, affecting gameplay and enemy behavior. For example, Freakers are more aggressive and numerous at night, adding a layer of strategy to exploration and combat.

Points of Interest

The open world is dotted with points of interest, including abandoned buildings, Freaker nests, ambush camps, and Nero checkpoints. Exploring these areas yields valuable resources, crafting materials, and story elements.

Survival and Crafting


Survival is a key aspect of Days Gone, requiring players to scavenge for supplies and craft essential items.

Resource Management

Players must manage their resources carefully, including fuel for Deacon’s motorcycle, ammunition, and health supplies. This scarcity adds tension and forces strategic planning.

Crafting System

The crafting system allows players to create weapons, traps, and health items using materials found in the environment. Crafting on the go is crucial for staying alive, especially during intense encounters with enemies.

Combat and Stealth

Combat in Days Gone is a mix of melee, ranged, and stealth tactics. Players can choose to confront enemies head-on or take a more covert approach.

Melee and Ranged Combat

Deacon can use a variety of weapons, from improvised melee weapons like baseball bats and machetes to firearms such as pistols, shotguns, and assault rifles. Each weapon type has its own strengths and weaknesses, encouraging players to adapt their tactics.

Stealth Mechanics

Stealth plays a significant role in the game, allowing players to avoid or silently take down enemies. Deacon can use distractions, silenced weapons, and stealth takedowns to navigate dangerous areas without attracting unwanted attention.

Horde Encounters

One of the standout features of Days Gone is its horde encounters, where players face large groups of Freakers simultaneously.

Dynamic Hordes

Hordes are dynamic and roam the game world, creating unpredictable and intense encounters. Players must use the environment, traps, and their arsenal to survive these overwhelming odds.

Strategic Planning

Defeating hordes requires careful planning and resource management. Players can set traps, lure Freakers into choke points, and utilize explosives to maximize their effectiveness against large groups.

Story and Narrative Depth

Main Storyline

The main storyline of Days Gone follows Deacon St. John as he searches for his wife, Sarah, who he believed to be dead. Along the way, he uncovers the truth about the outbreak and the fate of humanity.

Character Development

Deacon is a complex character with a troubled past. His journey is one of redemption and survival, as he grapples with loss, loyalty, and the will to keep going in a world gone mad.

Emotional Impact

The narrative is filled with emotional moments, from heartfelt reunions to devastating losses. The story delves into themes of hope, despair, and the human condition, making it a deeply engaging experience.

Side Missions and Characters

In addition to the main storyline, Days Gone features numerous side missions and character interactions that enrich the game world.

Camp Missions

Players can undertake missions for various survivor camps, earning trust and resources. These missions often involve clearing out Freaker nests, rescuing hostages, or gathering supplies.

Character Relationships

Deacon’s relationships with other characters, such as his best friend Boozer, camp leaders, and other survivors, play a significant role in the story. These interactions add depth to the narrative and provide additional context for Deacon’s actions.

Flashbacks and Memories

Flashbacks and memories provide insight into Deacon’s past and his relationship with Sarah. These segments offer a contrast to the harsh reality of the present, highlighting the emotional stakes of the story.

World Design and Visuals

Detailed Environments

Days Gone features a beautifully rendered world, capturing the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Diverse Landscapes

The game’s environment includes forests, mountains, lakes, and small towns, each meticulously designed to create a realistic and immersive world.

Environmental Storytelling

The world is filled with environmental storytelling, from abandoned vehicles and buildings to the remnants of humanity’s struggle to survive. These details add to the atmosphere and narrative depth.

Graphics and Performance on PC

The PC version of Days Gone benefits from enhanced graphics and performance, taking full advantage of modern hardware.

High-Resolution Textures and Effects

The game features high-resolution textures, improved draw distances, and enhanced visual effects, creating a more immersive experience.

Performance Optimization

Bend Studio has optimized the game for PC, allowing for smooth gameplay and stable performance on a range of systems. Players can customize graphics settings to suit their hardware, ensuring the best possible experience.

Sound Design and Music

The sound design and music in Days Gone play a crucial role in building the game’s atmosphere.

Immersive Soundscapes

Ambient sounds, such as the rustling of leaves, distant howls, and the growls of Freakers, enhance the sense of immersion. The sound design helps create a tense and foreboding atmosphere.

Memorable Soundtrack

The game’s soundtrack, composed by Nathan Whitehead, features a mix of haunting melodies and intense action tracks. The music underscores the emotional weight of the story and the tension of combat encounters.

Impact and Legacy

Influence on the Gaming Industry

Days Gone has had a notable impact on the gaming industry, particularly in the open-world and zombie genres.

Innovation in Open-World Design

The game’s dynamic world, with its roaming hordes and environmental storytelling, has influenced other developers and inspired new approaches to open-world design.

Expanding the Zombie Genre

Days Gone expands the zombie genre by focusing on narrative depth and emotional storytelling. Its approach to character development and survival mechanics sets it apart from other games in the genre.

Community and Modding

The PC version of Days Gone has fostered a vibrant community and modding scene.

Active Community

Players engage in discussions, share tips and strategies, and create fan art and content inspired by the game. The community’s passion and creativity have helped sustain the game’s popularity.

Modding Support

The modding community has created a variety of mods that enhance the game, add new content, and improve quality-of-life features. Mods such as custom weapons, graphical enhancements, and gameplay tweaks allow players to tailor their experience.

Lasting Legacy

Days Gone is poised to leave a lasting legacy in the gaming world. Its innovative design, emotional storytelling, and challenging gameplay have solidified its place as a significant title in the open-world genre.

Awards and Recognition

The game has received numerous awards and accolades, recognizing its achievements in narrative design, graphics, and overall gameplay.

Future Impact

Days Gone will likely influence future game development and inspire new generations of designers and players. Its success demonstrates the potential of combining deep storytelling with ambitious gameplay design.

Tips and Strategies for New Players


Mastering Survival

Survival is crucial in Days Gone. Here are some tips to help new players succeed.

Manage Resources Wisely

Keep track of your resources, especially fuel, ammunition, and health supplies. Scavenge regularly and make use of crafting to stay prepared for any situation.

Upgrade Your Bike

Deacon’s motorcycle is essential for getting around the open world. Upgrade your bike to improve its speed, durability, and fuel efficiency.

Combat and Stealth

Effective combat and stealth strategies are key to surviving encounters with Freakers and hostile humans.

Use Stealth to Your Advantage

Avoid direct confrontations whenever possible. Use stealth to take down enemies silently and conserve your resources.

Exploit Enemy Weaknesses

Learn the weaknesses of different enemy types. For example, headshots are particularly effective against Freakers, while traps can help you deal with larger groups.

Exploring the World

Thorough exploration is essential for uncovering the game’s secrets and gathering valuable resources.

Investigate Points of Interest

Check out every point of interest on the map. Abandoned buildings, Nero checkpoints, and Freaker nests often contain useful items and story elements.

Complete Side Missions

Side missions provide additional context for the story and can yield valuable rewards. They also help build relationships with camp leaders, unlocking new upgrades and supplies.

Expansions and Additional Content

Potential DLC

While Days Gone does not currently have any major expansions, fans are eager for potential DLC that could add new areas, missions, and storylines.

New Regions and Quests

DLC could introduce new regions to explore, each with its own unique challenges and storylines. These expansions would provide additional content and extend the life of the game.

Additional Enemies and Equipment

New enemy types, weapons, and equipment could add variety to the game and offer new ways to customize and strengthen Deacon.

Community-Created Content

The modding community continues to create additional content for Days Gone, enhancing the game and providing new experiences for players.

Custom Quests and Areas

Mods that add custom quests and new areas to explore can provide fresh challenges and expand the game’s world.

Visual and Gameplay Enhancements

Graphical mods and gameplay tweaks can improve the visual fidelity and playability of the game, making it even more immersive and enjoyable.


Days Gone for PC represents a significant achievement in the open-world action-adventure genre. Its combination of a richly detailed world, emotional narrative, and challenging gameplay offers an unforgettable experience that captivates players from start to finish.

The game’s impact on the industry is profound, setting new standards for what an open-world game can achieve. Its active community and modding support ensure that “Days Gone” will continue to thrive and evolve, providing endless opportunities for adventure and discovery.

As you venture into the post-apocalyptic world of Oregon, prepare to face formidable foes, uncover hidden secrets, and forge your own path in a world where every decision matters. “Days Gone” is more than just a game; it is a journey that challenges, rewards, and inspires, leaving a lasting impression on all who dare to explore its depths.

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