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Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric survival horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive and released for PC in June 2016. This unique multiplayer experience pits four survivors against one killer in a deadly game of cat and mouse. With its intense gameplay, diverse roster of characters, and ever-evolving content, Dead by Daylight has carved out a significant niche in the horror gaming genre.


In this blog, we’ll delve into various aspects of Dead by Daylight, including its gameplay mechanics, character roles, maps and environments, graphics, sound design, multiplayer features, community engagement, and overall impact on the gaming industry. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, this comprehensive review will provide you with an in-depth understanding of what makes Dead by Daylight a standout title.



Asymmetric Multiplayer

The core gameplay of Dead by Daylight revolves around its asymmetric multiplayer design. One player takes on the role of a powerful killer, while four others play as survivors attempting to escape the killer’s grasp. This setup creates a tense and thrilling experience, with each side offering a unique gameplay dynamic.

Survivors’ Objective

Survivors must work together to repair five generators scattered across the map to power the exit gates. Once the generators are repaired, they must open the gates and escape. Survivors can also use various tools and items found in the environment, such as medkits, flashlights, and toolboxes, to aid in their escape. Stealth, teamwork, and strategic thinking are crucial for success.

Killer’s Objective

The killer’s primary goal is to hunt down and eliminate the survivors before they can escape. Killers have unique abilities and powers that make them formidable adversaries. They can track survivors using scratch marks, sounds, and blood trails. Killers can also sabotage generators and other objects to hinder the survivors’ progress. Each killer has a distinct playstyle, adding variety to the gameplay.

Perks and Loadouts

Both survivors and killers can customize their loadouts with various perks. These perks provide special abilities and enhancements that can influence the outcome of the match. Survivors can choose perks that improve their healing, stealth, or repair skills, while killers can select perks that enhance their tracking, aggression, or sabotage capabilities. The perk system allows for a high degree of customization and replayability.

Skill Checks and Quick Time Events

Dead by Daylight incorporates skill checks and quick time events into its gameplay. When repairing generators, healing teammates, or performing other actions, survivors may encounter skill checks. Successfully completing these checks keeps the action going, while failing them can alert the killer to their location. This mechanic adds an extra layer of tension and requires players to stay focused.

Maps and Environments

The game features a variety of maps, each with unique layouts and environmental hazards. Maps are procedurally generated, meaning that key elements like the location of generators, hooks, and pallets change each game. This randomness ensures that no two matches are the same and keeps the gameplay fresh. Environmental features such as tall grass, lockers, and windows can be used by survivors to hide or escape from the killer.

Character Roles



Survivors in Dead by Daylight are designed to work as a team, although players can choose to act independently. Each survivor has unique traits and backstories, adding depth to their characters. Survivors can equip up to four perks, selected from a pool of universal and character-specific options, to tailor their playstyle. Popular survivors include:

  • Dwight Fairfield: Known for his leadership skills, Dwight’s perks help him support his teammates by increasing their effectiveness when working together.
  • Meg Thomas: An athletic character, Meg’s perks enhance her speed and stamina, making her adept at running from the killer.
  • Claudette Morel: A self-taught botanist, Claudette’s perks focus on healing and self-care, allowing her to stay in the game longer.


Killers are the antagonists in Dead by Daylight, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. The diversity in killer abilities keeps the gameplay dynamic and challenging. Some of the notable killers include:

  • The Trapper (Evan MacMillan): Uses bear traps to catch and injure survivors, making it difficult for them to move around the map.
  • The Wraith (Philip Ojomo): Can turn invisible and reappear with a deadly attack, making him a master of surprise.
  • The Nurse (Sally Smithson): Has the ability to blink through obstacles, allowing her to quickly close the distance with survivors.

DLC Characters

Dead by Daylight regularly introduces new characters through downloadable content (DLC), often featuring iconic horror movie villains and survivors. These additions expand the game’s roster and bring fresh mechanics and strategies. Notable DLC characters include:

  • Michael Myers (The Shape): From the Halloween series, known for his relentless pursuit and stalking abilities.
  • Freddy Krueger (The Nightmare): From A Nightmare on Elm Street, he can pull survivors into the dream world, where he is more powerful.
  • Laurie Strode: A survivor from the Halloween series, with perks that focus on survival and resilience.

Maps and Environments


Dead by Daylight features a variety of maps, each offering unique challenges and opportunities for both survivors and killers. The maps are designed to reflect different themes and settings, providing a diverse range of environments.

The MacMillan Estate

One of the game’s original maps, the MacMillan Estate is set in a grim industrial area with multiple buildings, machinery, and open spaces. Its dark, foreboding atmosphere makes it a challenging environment for survivors to navigate.

Coldwind Farm

This map takes place on a dilapidated farm, featuring cornfields, barns, and silos. The tall cornfields provide excellent cover for survivors but can also obscure the killer’s vision, leading to tense encounters.

Crotus Prenn Asylum

Set in an abandoned asylum, this map features eerie hallways, decrepit rooms, and outdoor areas with scattered ruins. The asylum’s confined spaces and multiple floors create a claustrophobic and unsettling environment.

Licensed Maps

With the introduction of licensed killers and survivors, Dead by Daylight has also included iconic locations from various horror franchises. Examples include:

  • Haddonfield: The suburban setting from the Halloween series, featuring residential houses and familiar landmarks.
  • Springwood: The infamous Elm Street from the Nightmare on Elm Street series, complete with Freddy Krueger’s boiler room.

Procedural Generation

The game’s maps are procedurally generated, meaning that while the overall layout remains consistent, the placement of key elements like generators, hooks, and pallets varies each match. This ensures that players cannot memorize the map layout and must adapt their strategies on the fly.

Graphics and Visuals

Dead by Daylight boasts a distinctive visual style that enhances its horror atmosphere. The game’s graphics effectively convey a sense of dread and urgency, immersing players in its terrifying world.

Art Style

The game employs a gritty, realistic art style that suits its horror theme. The environments are dark and oppressive, with detailed textures and lighting effects that create a foreboding atmosphere. The character models are well-designed, with attention to detail in their clothing, injuries, and animations.

Lighting and Shadows

Lighting plays a crucial role in Dead by Daylight, adding to the tension and suspense. The game uses dynamic lighting and shadows to create an eerie ambiance. Dimly lit areas, flickering lights, and the use of fog all contribute to the sense of uncertainty and danger. The killer’s red stain, which indicates their line of sight, adds an extra layer of tension for survivors trying to evade capture.

Visual Effects

The game features a variety of visual effects that enhance the gameplay experience. The blood splatter, smoke, and environmental effects like rain and fog add to the immersive experience. The visual cues for skill checks, generator repairs, and other in-game actions are clear and intuitive, ensuring that players can quickly understand and react to them.


Players can customize their characters with various cosmetic items, including outfits, accessories, and weapon skins. These cosmetics allow players to personalize their appearance and add a unique flair to their characters. The game’s visual updates and seasonal events often introduce new cosmetic items, keeping the game’s look fresh and exciting.

Sound Design and Music

Sound design and music are integral to the horror experience in Dead by Daylight, creating an atmosphere of tension and fear.

Ambient Sounds

The game features a rich tapestry of ambient sounds that enhance the feeling of dread. The rustling of leaves, distant crows, and creaking buildings all contribute to the immersive environment. These subtle sounds can also provide vital information to players, such as the killer’s approach or the location of a nearby generator.

Killer’s Audio Cues

Each killer has unique audio cues that signal their presence and abilities. For example, the Wraith emits a distinctive bell sound when entering or exiting invisibility, while the Huntress hums a haunting lullaby that grows louder as she nears survivors. These audio cues play a crucial role in the cat-and-mouse gameplay, allowing survivors to react and plan their next moves.

Survivor’s Sounds

Survivors also produce sounds that can alert the killer to their location. Injured survivors groan in pain, and hurried movements through the environment can create noise that the killer can track. The sound of repairing generators or healing teammates adds another layer of risk, as these actions can give away the survivors’ positions.

Music and Score

The game’s music and score are composed to heighten the tension and enhance the horror atmosphere. Each killer has a unique theme that plays during chases, creating an adrenaline-pumping experience for both the killer and the survivors. The music dynamically shifts based on the in-game action, adding to the sense of urgency and danger.

Multiplayer and Co-op Features


Dead by Daylight is built around its multiplayer experience, offering both competitive and cooperative gameplay elements.

Survivor Cooperation

Survivors must work together to succeed. Communication and teamwork are essential for repairing generators, healing each other, and distracting the killer. Players can use in-game gestures and voice chat to coordinate their actions, making the cooperative aspect of the game both engaging and challenging.

Killer Strategy

Playing as the killer requires a different set of skills and strategies. Killers must manage their time and resources effectively, patrolling the map, setting traps, and pursuing survivors. Each killer’s unique abilities require different tactics, adding depth and variety to the gameplay.

Custom Matches

The game allows players to create custom matches with friends, where they can set specific rules and parameters. This feature is perfect for casual gaming sessions or experimenting with different strategies and builds. Custom matches also provide a controlled environment for players to practice their skills and learn the mechanics of different killers and survivors.

Events and Challenges

Dead by Daylight regularly hosts in-game events and challenges that offer unique rewards and incentives. These events often introduce new gameplay mechanics, cosmetics, and lore, keeping the community engaged and providing fresh content. Seasonal events like Halloween and anniversary celebrations are particularly popular, featuring special themes and limited-time items.

Community and Modding

The Dead by Daylight community is active and vibrant, contributing significantly to the game’s ongoing success.

Online Forums and Social Media

Players can connect with each other through online forums, social media platforms, and the official Behaviour Interactive website. These platforms provide spaces for players to share strategies, discuss updates, and engage with the developers. The community’s feedback is valued by the developers, who often implement suggestions and address concerns raised by players.

Streaming and Content Creation

Dead by Daylight has a strong presence in the streaming and content creation communities. Many players share their gameplay experiences, tutorials, and highlight reels on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. This content helps new players learn the game and provides entertainment for fans. The game’s thrilling and unpredictable matches make it a popular choice for live streaming.


While Dead by Daylight does not officially support modding, the community has created various tools and mods that enhance the gameplay experience. These mods range from cosmetic changes to gameplay tweaks, allowing players to customize their experience. The modding community adds another layer of creativity and innovation to the game.

Critical Reception and Impact

Dead by Daylight has received generally positive reviews from both critics and players. Its unique asymmetric gameplay, combined with a steady stream of updates and new content, has earned it a dedicated fanbase.

Reviews and Awards

Critics have praised the game’s tense atmosphere, innovative mechanics, and engaging multiplayer experience. Dead by Daylight has been nominated for and won several awards in the horror and multiplayer game categories, highlighting its impact on the genre.

Industry Influence

The game’s success has influenced the development of other asymmetric multiplayer games, setting a benchmark for the genre. Its innovative gameplay and constant evolution have shown that there is a strong market for multiplayer horror experiences. Dead by Daylight has also demonstrated the value of continuous community engagement and regular content updates in maintaining a game’s longevity and popularity.


Dead by Daylight for PC offers a thrilling and unique multiplayer horror experience that has captivated players since its release. Its asymmetric gameplay, diverse character roster, and dynamic environments create a constantly evolving and engaging experience. With its active community, regular updates, and commitment to delivering fresh content, Dead by Daylight continues to stand out as a leader in the horror gaming genre. Whether you’re a fan of horror or looking for an intense multiplayer challenge, Dead by Daylight provides an unforgettable gaming experience.

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